How to Use Split Screen on iPad

With the release of iOS 9, Apple has added new multitasking feature that comes with a new Split screen View. It is one of the significant features of iOS 9 that lets you use your iPad screen in two divisions, and you can run multiple apps side by side. When you are working on multiple projects, then this is a very useful feature. Here in this article, we are going to share how you can use Split View on iPad. Nowadays multitasking becomes trends, and now we have this feature for Android, Mac also. iPad Multitasking with iOS 11 is better, and it comes with a new UI and features.

Use Split Screen on iPad

Split Screen (or Split View) gives you the ability to split the screen in half with a single app on each side, and you may use both simultaneously. Drop the hyperlink, and it’ll open in the Split View window. Since the Lock Screen also houses all of your notifications, it is sensible to eradicate that superfluous region of the operating system. Swipe down from the center of the screen, and you will see a gray screen with a search box on top. There’s no settings screen to handle the apps that show up in the dock.

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How to Use Split Screen on iPad Pro/Air/Mini

Open an app on the iPad, like normally like Safari.

Now swipe iPad screen from right side to the left from the right side corner as shown in the image, and this will open Slide Over screen.

Now you can select another app. Open a Chrome Brower and Adjust the size by tapping and grabbing the vertical bar line and dragging left and right.

Now move from left to right screen, and you will access safari browser.

You cannot have two or more browsers open at precisely the same time. As soon as an app is on Slide Over, you’re able to hide this and bring it back efficiently. It’s possible to auto-purge apps which you haven’t employed for some time. Altogether, it ought to be much simpler to come across useful new apps in iOS 11.

It’s possible to even move the app so that it becomes your primary app. You may switch between both apps you’ve got open, but you can’t use them simultaneously. In some specific circumstances, you can use up to four distinct apps at the identical moment. You can get an app open and continue to be able to access the dock with a single short swipe up from the base of the screen. To enter Slide Over, open the very first app you want to use. Open the very first app you need to use.

The iPad split-screen feature was rumored for quite a while. Some features will keep you from navigating to the home screen as frequently, but others make it a lot easier to customize how you use your iPad. There are a few exciting iPad-specific features that have been ideally designed to enhance the user-experience of smart tablets.

For those who haven’t tried Split View yet then you’re in for quite a pleasant surprise, it is going to add a completely new wrinkle to using your iPad. If you’re already in a split view, you can grab the handle that is situated in the cap of the app on the appropriate side. Each split view can contain several tabs, and you may switch tabs between split views at any moment. It is one of the multitasking features that Apple introduced in iPad Since iOS 9, which lets you run two separate apps side by side at the same time. Open the very first app that you would like to utilize in Split View. There’re two methods to enable Safari Split View. You can open Split View in Safari using drag-and-drop.

At any moment, no matter the app you’re in, the dock is a swipe up from the base of the screen away. The dock can be found on any screen. You can locate the Dock at the base of the Home screen. In Split-View it is easy to drag Safri tabs from 1 browser to the next. It is possible to move tabs only between browsers with the exact same status. Merely a note that you may also drag tabs between split screens. The second method works in case you have several tabs open.

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