Jim Paredes Slams Fake Tulfo Brothers Fb Page For

Posted by on December 31, 2017

Jim Paredes Slams 'fake' Tulfo Brothers FB Page ForDownload ImageSource: entertainment.inquirer.net

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Jim Paredes Slams Erwin Tulfo : "#SuspendErwinTulfo. Unlimited DVR storage space. Live TV from 70+ channels. No cable box required. Cancel anytime.

Busted: Jim Paredes Refused To Sit Beside A JapaneseDownload Image

Jim Paredes Calls Out Fake Tulfo Over Fake Boracay Photo. Jim Paredes called out the "Tulfo Brothers Page" in Facebook for misusing a photo that was originally taken from Asian Dragon Bay in Hainan Province, China.

Jim Paredes Slams Fake Tulfo Brothers Fb Page ForDownload Image

SCNDL Kayo Na Humusga Kung Fake Or Not. Singer Jim Paredes has admitted that a leaked sex video, which allegedly involved him and circulated on social media, was real. "I do not know how it became

FULL VIDEO Of JIM PAREDES Real Or Fake?. According to the Paredes, the viral video is FAKE. Netizens notice that the person in the video has the same mole and tattoo as Paredes. It is clear where the video came from.

Jim Paredes Slams Fake Tulfo Brothers Fb Page For Jim Paredes says circulating video ‘fake’ MANILA — Singer-composer Jim Paredes directly addressed an explicit video that circulated on social media on Monday, saying only that it was “fake

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Busted: Jim Paredes Hated Duterte Since College? Fake News. Former APO member and activist Jim Paredes is accused of hating President Rodrigo Duterte “since college” by an article that has been picked up by several blogs and shared by Duterte fan pages on Facebook, gaining thousands of shares.

Musician, Activist Jim Paredes Admits It’s Him In Sexually. Slams the President for his jokes while acting like a devout catholic, model citizen and as a husband. A disente person unlike the president, except behind closed door he spends his time talking dirty to random people (It's almost certain that he wasn't doing it with his wife).

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