How to Fix iOS 11 Notifications Not Working on iPhone

iOS 11 brings so many new updates and new features but also it brings many bugs. Notification issue is one of the frustrating error for iPhone users. Many users have reported this error after installing new iOS 11 update. The error is due to a software bug in iOS. When you receive any notification, your phone vibrates and it lights up your home screen. Now if your notification is not working then your phone won’t vibrate or light up. So it is very important to fix iOS 11 Notifications Not Working issue.

There are two sorts of notifications on Apple iPhone. You may also choose what type of notifications you want to receive (desktop, mobile, or email). Now you are finished with notification service rich notification.

Fix notification not working on iOS 11 iPhone and iPad

Fixing notification on working on iOS 11 iPhone or iPad is very easy. This is a very common issue on iPhone or iPad.

1. Check Mute Button

Make sure that Mute button is not on. Sometimes we put our phone in silence mode and thus Notification stopped working.

2. “Do Not Disturb” is active or Not?

Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > turn off it.

3. Disable Bluetooth

Now you think, How Bluetooth and Notification are connected? Yes, it is not. But for some users, this trick worked. So why not to try. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > disable Bluetooth. Reboot your iPhone and then check again.

4. Check Network Connection

Sometimes due to the poor network connection, you won’t receive Notification.

If you don’t have a stable network connection then try to reboot your WiFi once and then check again. Sometimes due to Network delay, you will face the issue.

5. Hard Reset iPhone

Try to reset your iPhone using Volume Up and Down button. Check our previous guide to learn how to Hard Reset iPhone.

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Hope you have successfully solved this error. If you have any issues regarding iPhone, iPad, and Mac then comment below. We will help you.

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