How to Fix Personal Hotspot Not Working on iPhone X

Personal Hotspot is an essential feature for iPhone. The feature lets you share your iPhone’s data connection with other smartphones. It doesn’t matter that you are using Android or iOS, you can connect to iPhone’s hotspot feature and use its Data. After installing new iOS 11 update, some users are reporting that Personal Hotspot Not Working on iPhone X. So here is a detailed guide on how to fix Personal Hotspot Not Working in iOS 11.

Note that Personal Hotspot requires your Bluetooth and WiFi radios. If any of this two is turn off, you cannot turn on personal hotspot feature. Now when it stops working, no device can connect to your iPhone and use data. Now Personal Hotspot is a feature that is dependent on your carrier data. You can try these following solutions to fix “Personal Hotspot not working” issue.

Personal Hotspot Not Working on iPhone X

WiFi provides you the capacity to connect to wireless networks. So so long as there is wifi around where you reside or work or study for school, you shouldn’t have a problem with the completely free plan. So now as you are aware of how to use your iPhone as a hotspot, here are a couple of things that you ought to note. Personal Hotspot should currently be visible. Some wi-fi hotspots are free, while some are pay-per-use or call for a subscription. It’s essential to note that a few data plans don’t offer you mobile hotspot if you don’t upgrade to that service.

Connecting to the web is simpler than before, and should you have a couple of essential items and are in the correct location, you need to be able to acquire free online access to your PC. You might need to scroll down to track down the Personal Hotspot button.

Turn on Personal Hotspot on the carrier

Make sure that Personal Hotspot capability enabled on your carrier.

Make sure Hotspot is turned on / restart it

Settings > Personal Hotspot > Turn on.

Check your signal

Make sure that you have a proper signal strength so that you can use Mobile Data.

Restart cellular data

Turn off Mobile data and turn it on.

Restart your iPhone

You can also try to restart your iPhone.

Install all the iOS Update

Go to Settings > General > About. Check for update and install them.

Reset network settings

Settings > General >Reset > Reset Network Settings. Reboot Device.

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