How to Fix Keyboard Lag in iOS 11

After installing iOS 11 updates, So many iOS users have reported this issues. Users reported that Keyboard is not working after installing iOS 11 updates and facing some Keyboard Lag while typing and using Emojis. They are facing the issue while working with Safari, Facebook, Skype and many other Apps. Today we are going to share some working solutions to Fix this keyboard lag issue of iOS 11.3/11.2.5/11.2.2/11.

When you’re using the keyboard of iPhone, and it only freezes or becomes unresponsive you’re even not able to type anything; it’s a state of the frozen keyboard. At times it happens that you’re using your keyboard and it doesn’t appear on the screen, and you’re helpless.

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How to Fix Keyboard Lag in iOS 11

Clearing the browser cache is something worth doing once every couple weeks or months based on how much you’re browsing around. You can attempt to disable a number of the keyboard settings to find out if it will enhance your keyboard experience. The issue can be worked out in various ways discussed above.

1. Force Restart

iPhone 6S – Press Home and Power at the same time until Apple logo Appears.

iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold both the Side and Volume Down till you see Apple logo.

iPhone X /8/8 Plus: Press Volume Up + Down button and release them as soon as you see Apple logo

2.Reset the Keyboard Dictionary

iOS 11 dictionary conflicts with the iOS 10 dictionary and this will crash your keyboard process. This can be a reason for this Keyboard Lag in iOS 11. To fix this, Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

3.Disable Predictive Keyboard

Predictive typing predict the currently typing and next words, and this will crash your keyboard sometimes. So try to disable it from Settings > General > Keyboard > Predictive toggle > turn it off.

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