How To Fix iPhone X Bluetooth Issue – Guide

If you have installed new iOS update on your iPhone X and If your phone is facing Bluetooth Issues then this article can help you. Becoming useful in numerous applications, problems associated with Bluetooth can cause plenty of frustration and possibly delay of some important work. Even more interesting is that it is possible to cause a problem with a nearby device. Recently, According to the well-known news portal, Apple has been voted as one of the most innovative company due to iPhone X. Apple has wholly redesigned iPhone X with a new look and awesome features. But after installing new iOS update, iPhone X users are facing many issues, and this iPhone X Bluetooth Issue is leading problem for some users.

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Fix iPhone X Bluetooth Issues

Many iPhone 8/iPhone X users are facing serious problems while connecting their iPhone to Bluetooth devices. They reported that iPhone X keeps disconnecting from the Bluetooth continuously.

The first step to fix the issue is to check the problem origin. Make sure that another Bluetooth device is working fine. If it is working, then the issue is with your iPhone X. Now you could try to fix the Bluetooth issues on your iPhone X by below mentioned steps.

Solve iPhone X Bluetooth Issues – Step by Step

It is very frustrating to use unstable Bluetooth connection when you are trying to listen to the music or trying to connect their Apple Watch, Airports, headphones, etc. Apple has also officially mentioned about this issue and said that they would fix the issue in the next update.

1. Download and Install new iOS Software

Apple has released the new iOS update for all iPhone X and iPhone 8 users to fix major issues. So before going to Apply any solutions, first install the latest iOS update and see if your issue is fixed or not.

2. Turn off Bluetooth and perform Hard Reset

Step 1: Go to Settings > Turn Off Bluetooth.

Step 2: To hard reset, press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down and Sleep/Wake button till you see the Apple logo. After that release all buttons and wait for sometime.

Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth again and see if you are facing the error.

3. Forget connected Bluetooth Device

Go to Settings > Bluetooth and Check all the devices connected before.

Now Remove all the devices > Turn off/ Turn on Bluetooth and Check again.

4. Reset Network Settings

Reset All network settings will remove all your network related information. This may fix your Bluetooth issue.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Reset and then go to Reset All Network Settings.

Step 2: Wait for sometime and check the issue again.

5. Restore iPhone

As we mentioned in the previous article, connect your iPhone to iTunes and Restore your iPhone if you have a Backup.

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6. Contact Apple Support

This is the last option. Go to your nearest Apple Customer care and ask for help.

Thanks for reading this guide to fix iPhone X Bluetooth Issues. If you need any help related to Apple Devices then comment below.

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