How to Backup and Restore iPhone before iOS 11 Upgrade

iPhone or iPad backup includes device preferences, app info, Home display, iMessages and texts, calendars, your visual voicemail passcode, and HomeKit settings. Pictures and movies are only backed up if you do not have iCloud Photo Library. It’s possible to use iCloud to back up your iOS devices, or you’ll be able to connect iTunes to your PC. It is Your Choice. Note that iCloud backup is stored on Apple Servers, but iTunes backup is stored on your PC locally. Backup your iPhone or iPad with iCloud, and you will be able to get and them everywhere using Wi-Fi. Here you will learn How to Backup and Restore iPhone before iOS 11 Upgrade.

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Backup and Restore iPhone before iOS 11 Upgrade

iPhone or iPad is running iOS 11 stores all of your pictures, messages, files, attachment, and much more. In such cases, before going to install any iOS update, always take a complete backup using iTunes or iCloud. You also need to keep a regular backup routine. Obviously, iTunes, as well as iCloud, are fantastic choices to back up.

Method 1. Backup iPhone/iPad with iTunes

Connect iPhone or iPad to computer > Open iTunes. Go to Summary > Backups > Back Up Now.

Method 2. Backup with iCloud

Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Backup > turn on iCloud Backup and then it automatically start the process.

Restore (Downgrade) iOS 11 to iOS 10

You can restore the old iOS version, as iOS 11 has so many bugs. Follow the method to Downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10.

Method 1. Restore iPhone from iOS 10 backup

Connect iPhone or iPad to computer > Open iTunes. Summary > Backups > Restore Backup > pick up the latest backup > Restore.

After the backup, your iPhone will reboot, and after that, it will begin the bigger job of downloading all your apps. Make certain that you have iCloud Backup turned on and executed a backup. If you wish to erase your device completely, then there are some actions to take. It is essential to note that if updating your device having a more advanced firmware, make sure you charge it at least 50 to 80% for it to finish the practice.

Restoring iPhone with iTunes is always a great idea for an old hand. However, lots of folks think iTunes sucks. The Apple iPhone has turned into one of the most ubiquitous smartphones in the marketplace since its very first version was released in 2007. Resetting the iPhone device sometimes takes a while based on the model, the warning dialogue will provide you a rough estimate. However, it can vary from a few minutes to over an hour to reestablish the device completely.

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