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Equine Flu

Posted on 21 July, 2018 by Clinton Talleut
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phoneninja.org -Equine Flu ... What is equine flu? It is not unlike human flu with symptoms of coughing, nasal discharge and a fever but it’s not normally fatal, with horses generally remaining infectious for up to 10 days.

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Equine Flu influenza. Equine influenza (horse flu) is the disease caused by strains of influenza A that are enzootic in horse species. Equine influenza occurs globally, previously caused by two main strains of virus: equine-1 (H7N7) and equine-2 (H3N8).

Flu virus in horses. Sometimes referred to as the horse flu, equine influenza is one of the most widespread infectious viral equine diseases in the world. Learn the signs of the horse flu and how horses are infected with the virus.

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Equine flu: british horse racing to resume after shutdown .... Horses at Simon Crisford's Newmarket stables - one of two yards with infected animals. Horse racing in Britain will resume on Wednesday after a six-day shutdown following an outbreak of equine flu.

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Equine flu: british horse racing rocked by outbreak. An outbreak of equine flu has led to the cancellation of all horse races in Britain until February 13 at the earliest.

6. A Decade On, Is Australia Ready For An Equine Influenza

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Equine flu: british horse racing resumes. Horse racing is set to resume in Britain after an outbreak of equine flu stopped the sport for six days.

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What is equine flu and how does it affect horses?. (Picture: Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images) What is equine flu? Equine influenza, or equine flu, is a strain of flu that effects horses. Symptoms include coughing, a high-fever, and nasal discharge.

Pdf fact sheet influenza in horses. Equine influenza is a highly contagious. upper respiratory tract infection caused by. strains of the influenza virus type A. The. common type of influenza A virus that cur-. rently circulates in horse populations is. the subtype A2 (H3N8).

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